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Right from the very first pages the book grabs you

Leia Nelson

Almagest: The Journey is the start of, what else, but a journey? Right from the very first pages the book grabs you and takes you on a wild ride that the entire series is bound to keep up with. It is clever, well written, and also very believable. The races and stories behind them are not drab and boring, but you are given just enough information to allow your imagination to fill in the blanks. Earth is dying and there are only a few that can rescue the human race from certain death. It mixes the classic fairy tales about knights in shining armor with a very modern twist. That is what makes this series one I will recomend to anyone who likes science fiction. Watch this series for great things to come! Biology Graduate USA

Almagest Vol 1: The Journey

Almagest Vol 1: The Journey

2210 was to be a year to remember as the Affiliated Space Association (ASA) was experimenting with a new propulsion system. Read more about “Almagest Vol 1: The Journey”

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