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Diary of a Poetic Journey

by Joy Beaudette Cripps

Diary of a Poetic Journey
Previously Published Book

Wherever you travel, be it by ship, train, bus, tram or on foot as I often do, you need money. It all started with my booking a berth on a ship ?Galileo?. Safe for six weeks, food and accommodation paid!! Talked to my travel agent to find ways to go. He suggested ?Eurail Pass?. I bought two so I could take a longer break while in Europe. I gave him a rough plan of where I wanted to visit. Seeing Russia on my list he set about organizing through ?Intourist? and my bank in London. Travel on Ship ?Pushkin? and my accommodation in Leningrad and Moscow and train across Siberia.
After Europe got a ferry to London. Was able to collect my papers for Russian journey on ship ?Pushkin?. At the same time got extra cash for my travels in England. Bought a British bus pass. Had great difficulty in servicing this pass. Though I managed to get to Wales to visit with Aunt Dolly and then Scotland. Lovely to visit Stratford and Cambridge and Oxford University. Tourist friendly!




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