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Rainbow Bridge Home

by Gary Hillier

Rainbow Bridge Home
Previously Published Book

That face—she was the one Tahe had seen in his dream before leaving home. She was somehow connected to his distant past.
Earth's a school and one of many. Your soul has a contract with our Universe—you are just as important to the Universe as any king, at any time or place. All schools, though, need monitoring and maintenance.
This is the story of a group of Welfare workers from Earth's parent planet Ganden whose job it is to monitor and preserve all the schools in our Galaxy. Tahe joins this maintenance crew for the first time as they travel to Earth, where a mid-ocean rescue turns all the plans of the Universe upside down. Two destined-to-be lovers meet and an intergalactic love story unfolds that changes the entire course of things to come.
Are these two the Adam and Eve of Avalone?





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