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The Great Bookie Robbery Part One

by Mark Bennett

The Great Bookie Robbery Part One
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Australian History

The Great Bookie Robbery of 1976 is one of the most notorious armed robberies Australia has ever known. It is also one of the most mysterious in recent history, with official facts blurred together with theory and wild rumours. Just how many millions of dollars was stolen on the day? And what became of the members of the crew that pulled off the daring heist? As the son of the robbery's mastermind, Mark Lee Bennett has spent years not only researching the Great Bookie Robbery, but the history of his own family and the way his father and uncle came to be the career criminals wanted by police and rivals alike. The result is a piece of history as seen through the lives of developing criminals in the Melbourne underworld.
Part true crime, part family biography and part memoir, this is the story of the Great Bookie Robbery as you've never read it before.