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The Great Trial

by Estelle Harris

The Great Trial
Current Release

"We were never given a reason for being sent to the orphanage, but I suspect my father was in some sort of trouble. Our board and lodging was paid for. It turned out that my brother and I were the only children there who had two living parents. Most of the other children had only one parent, or were actually orphans." Life-changing experiences are not new to Estelle Harris. Born in England, she would come to Australia out of obligation to her family, and spend years struggling to carve out a life of her own. All the while her parents would discredit her very existence ' referring to her as nothing more than a 'Great Trial'.
Told in raw and honest language, The Great Trial is Estelle's story, and her attempt to come to terms with the great trials of her own life. But most importantly it's a story about the realisation of hope, after a lifetime of pursuit.





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