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You blokes from the City

John Morrow

It is always a pleasure to come across some genuine Aussie humour and unique brand of wit. With tongue-in-cheek, James tells us how he awoke early one morning, with images from a vivid dream still replaying in his head.

This novel must have been meant to be as, according to James, the only things lying close to him were a pen and paper. After furiously scribbling 12 pages, he returned to sleep and the feverish scribblings lay forgotten for some months.

Here's the result of an ordinary Aussie bloke's feverish dream which has culminated into a novel starring an ordinary fella called MJ, and his close encounter of a third kind with two brothers called Mij and Ttam, resplendent with pink heads, feet and hands, and glistening with lovely bright orange bodies. (some dream James!)

MJ is an outback bloke who is travelling home from Vancouver in Canada via a stopover in Honolulu. After visiting the memorial that commemorates America's beginning of involvement in WWII, MJ is horrified to see his belongings sweeping across the backwash of his tourist boat, as he returns from his trip to Pearl Harbour.

On closer inspection, he meets with the two brothers from Nagekscap, who have crashed their spacecraft into the sea, right near the memorial to the battleship, Arizona.

What follows is an adventurous journey with MJ trying to figure out what the hell he should two with his two new fluorescent friends who are bound to cause him all sorts of embarrassment, especially when he has to go through Customs to get on the flight home.

This quirky, funny and real Aussie down to earth novel is the result of James Nott's vivid imagination and bad dream, way to go James

SET meets 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? as MJ, accompanied by two brothers from Nagekscap, plots and plans how to get his new buddies back home.?

You Blokes from the City?

You Blokes from the City?

James Nott was born into a farming family in the Central West of NSW. His early schooling took place in Dubbo, followed by boarding school in Sydney. Read more about “You Blokes from the City?”