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You Blokes from the City?
By James Nott

A light-hearted truly Aussie jaunt with liberal splashings of Aussie humour. The author has had plenty of experience of Aussie farming life ' the 'good, bad, feast and famine? and has turned his Aussie humour to pen this original tale of two aliens stranded on Earth.

Mij and Ttam are small, doll-like creatures who hail from the planet Nagekscap. Their spaceship crash-lands in Hawaii just when Aussie farmer, Martin, arrives. He is on his way home after escaping life for a while in the Northern Hemisphere. The aliens seek shelter in his backpack and thus begin their adventure to Australia.

When in Oz, they become roustabouts on Martin's sheep farm. Their existence is a closely-kept secret shared only by Martin, his girlfriend, Serena, and a few farm hands.

Meanwhile, as the mischievous Negekscapians add some life to the drought-stricken farm, bumbling US government investigators are tracking them down ' and eventually zoom in to the farm.

The likeable aliens are eventually rescued by a mother ship but not before Martin gets to ride in a real spaceship.

This is an entertaining read brimming with witty dialogue and humorous adventures.

- Wendy O'Hanlon
- APN Newspapers

You Blokes from the City?

You Blokes from the City?

James Nott was born into a farming family in the Central West of NSW. His early schooling took place in Dubbo, followed by boarding school in Sydney. Read more about “You Blokes from the City?”