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The definitive book on the rise of terrorism in Indonesia

Richard Birchfeld - 'Bali Sun'

Until this work I have not stayed up all night reading a book for over 30 years. Ah, that Dr. Seuss could spin a yarn, exciting stuff those green eggs or was it green ham?

Kerry Collison, has written the definitive book on the rise of terrorism in Indonesia. It's a comprehensive and very detailed factual account of terrorists events over the past ten years or so and is chock full of block buster insider information , some that has been hidden from the public.

Kerry previously worked for Australian Intelligence and with leaders in the Soeharto government providing impeccable sources to support his very provocative, gut wrenching findings, such as:

1. The CIA knew the exact locations of the first Bali bomb and told no one. Why?

2. Parts of the Indonesia military were using Hambali's terrorist group to wreak havoc throughout the archipelago in hopes of becoming Indonesia's president.
Who? Which generals?

3. A Grauda plane from Bali to Sydney was to be flown by a dying suicide pilot with instructions to crash the plane into Kuta Square. What happened?

4. In the news today, a leading terrorist escapee is really a CPI double agent. Who is it?

For answers to the above questions, read the book.

Crescent Moon Rising is a well written, important work; a riveting must read for all open minded thinkers. Bravo to Kerry Collison for having the guts to write this controversial, fascinating book.

Crescent Moon Rising - The Bali Bombings

Crescent Moon Rising - The Bali Bombings

At a time when Australians are wavering in support of a proposed US led invasion of Iraq, more than six hundred US Marines rotating on R & R in Bali suddenly disappear; then, Kuta erupts in a fireball and Australia falls into line with America. Read more about “Crescent Moon Rising - The Bali Bombings”

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