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A huge dose of Nostalgia

Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia

For all those Gen-Xers out there, this book is pure warm and fuzzy nostalgia - page after page after page.

Remember when, as a child, there were three highlights of the year - your birthday, Christmas and cracker night.
Remember when fun cost nothing, going barefoot, bicycle riding, roller skates, building your own billy cart and running carefree around the neighbourhood. Remember the orange mix called Tang, lime Quik, chip butties. Remember the record player and Top 40 singles, pet rocks, The Seekers. Remember Romper Room; rushing home from school to watch the afternoon TV shows and cartoons such as The Roadrunner, The Monkees, The Thunderbirds.

Remember the TV cop shows such as Division Four and Homicide. And who can forget the neighbourhood star the Valiant Charger.

Goodbye Crackernight is a huge dose of nostalgia told with great humour and fond memories. Remember your best buddies, your first kiss, your first fight. If you can remember any of these things, you will love this book. It's a walk down memory lane great to be a child and teenager again!