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With an estimated 20,000 manuscripts submitted to publishers each year - in Australia - and so few are published - it's a daunting task for writers with work of merit. That is why Sidharta Books & Print currently only consider manuscripts that have been professionally read (in entirety) by our own listed editors.

This is a mandatory step required by our publishing house and one which provides the necessary ‘filter’ to enable management determine which projects we would support. Even established authors who submit their titles for our consideration are required to undergo the assessment procedure.

Should you wish to have this evaluation we would be delighted to have our editors assess the work and forward their analysis to you.

SHP has worldwide distribution. We upload our titles to international platforms such as AMAZON both as print on demand titles and also eBooks.

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Some of our author's testimonials

As a first author and being totally unfamiliar with publishing procedures & protocols I was absolutely thrilled when I received from Sid Harta Publishers my first printed copy of 'A Flight Against All Odds'. All thanks to Kerry Collison who, from the very beginning, believed my story was worth telling. Kerry and his exceptionally talented & knowledgeable team, expertly & professionally guided me through the publishing process from the very first assessment to the final product. Each step was clearly documented, our legal contracts were written in user friendly language and the care and attention given to detail during the proofing, cover design & type setting stages was of very high quality and could not be faulted. At all times I was treated with genuine warmth, courtesy & respect and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. I am eternally grateful that I put my project in the hands of Sid Harta Publishers and immensely proud of the end result, 'A Flight Against All Odds'.

Kate Clements

I've now had four books published by Sid Harta. The fact that I have kept on coming back indicates that I have been very happy with the services provided, from the initial manuscript assessment, to editing, book design and distribution. I have enjoyed the collaboration, particularly in editing and design, the final outcome being a fusion of my ideas and suggestions made.
Many thanks!
Noel Braun author of "The Day Was Made for Walking", "Whistler Street", "Friend and Philosopher", "No Way to Behave at a Funeral"

Noel Braun

The world of publishing is a mine field, especially for those of us who have had no previous exposure to it. The team at Sid Harta, under the experienced leadership of Kerry Collison, specialize in making the process as smooth and user friendly as possible. You will receive honest and timely feedback on your submitted manuscript, including advice on how best to proceed. Ensuring the author maintains ownership through regular contact, the editing team work tirelessly to polish your work before the design team put a face to it. The quality of the finished product is extremely professional and will exceed your expectations. Sid Harta will leave no stone unturned to commercially promote your work. I highly recommend Sid Harta as the publisher of choice.

Lance Atkins

Kerry Collison; Sid Harta publisher, is the 21st Century Publisher in this country that represents everything great in publishing: genuine belief in authors, commitment to authors freedom of speech, support in the publishing process from start to finish, professionalism and quality in publishing. Authors can have confidence not just in their book will be published, but in their beliefs will be realised and their dreams come true.

Elizabeth McCarthy