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courageous, loving, intelligent and patient woman

Wendy O’Hanlon

WHAT a brave, courageous, loving, intelligent and patient woman is this mum and author Carolyn Angelin. I really don’t know how she even found the time to write this book about her family and her three ADHD sons. Carolyn is a mum of four boys – one older, the others triplets. It’s the triplets who have ADHD – and she is still married to their father – a man who must have equal patience and compassion because so many men leave this situation and leave the family on their own.

This is Carolyn’s story – the hardships of not only raising four boys, but having the tenacity to deal with ADHD as an intelligent adult and human being.

If you have concerns about your children, or your friends’ or family’s children (mostly boys) in that are exhibiting behaviour beyond the norm, then buy this book. It’s not just a personal story, but a real guide to dealing with the real problem of ADHD.

As Carolyn wrote, many people just think you are a bad parent when your little kids are uncontrollable, but ADHD is a real condition. Real people like Carolyn can help you manage and build a happy family.