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What a delightful and down to earth lady Carolyn Angelin is.

John Morrow

What a delightful and down to earth lady Carolyn Angelin is. Her matter of fact, concise writing style is a joy to read and her story is one that could send shivers of horror or anticipation down the spine of any prospective new parent.

I can remember when my wife and I were expecting our first child and there was a possibility that we could be having twins. There is a history in my family of twin births so I wasn’t too shocked. However, I can remember my wife living in agony until the scan showed that our son Luke was the one and only in the womb. She was pleased, I was pleased, but a tiny little bit disappointed as well.

Carolyn describes the day she discovered she was having triplets and her joy/horror at the discovery. Her first child, James, was only 14 months old when the scan revealed that he was going to have three male siblings.

Carolyn was shocked as this did not fit into her five-year plan. Coming from a somewhat dysfunctional family, she had idealistically planned her life with two kids, a nice house, a picket fence and a husband who arrived home at 6.00pm every night from work.

What she did end up with was four boys under three years of age, an immense capacity for loving each child collectively and on an individual basis with plenty of heartbreak, sweat and tears.

As the boys grew older, they were diagnosed with ADHD. Carolyn and her husband Martin’s life really got interesting then. What a full house they had, but what a house full of love and joy.

I enjoyed reading Carolyn’s story and really recommend it to anyone who has received a diagnosis of ADHD associated with their child. Not only that, Carolyn describes the ups and downs of living a full life with four bouncing baby boys.

“This is a wonderful family story – full of the ups, downs, heartache and joy of raising four boys under the age of three, with three of them being identical triplets – how on earth did the author have time to even write this delightful story?”