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...regards, some girl with words

by Elizabeth Ryan

...regards, some girl with words
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Articulate, perceptive, sensitive, quirky, and often hauntingly beautiful, Genevieve Ryan's writing explores the innermost experiences of a young woman growing up in an exhilarating and confusing world. Her journey through the twenty years of her  short life is enriched by a passion for philosophy, literature, politics and art.In this book, her mother, Elizabeth has drawn together a collection of Genevieve's writings. The collection presents a delightful picture of a much-loved daughter. More importantly, it presents a message to a wider world ' a message that growth and beauty are to be found in the deep, often painful search for inner meaning. This is a book that will motivate everyone who feels called to write. People from fifteen to ninety-five will be inspired and charmed by the remarkable insights of an extraordinary young woman.





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