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A Camel Rider Remembers

Michael Nardella

A Camel Rider Remembers
Galley Release
Australian Fiction

Our crazy adventure begins when Iggy X, a frustrated actor, meets the author and gifts him with his memoir manuscript of the making of the biggest and most controversial film ever attempted down under.

Once on location, we discover Iggy is taking fake tan medication and posing as Sunil in order to get the part of an Indian sepoy (camel wrangler) in a drama about Burke and Wills. Soon he, Ranjit and Asif ' the other two actors playing sepoys ' are cajoled into appearing in Camel-a-lot (a reality-type show intended for the DVD's special features) in which they must compete for the role of head sepoy and screen time with Russell Crowe.

Against a backdrop of paranoid security concerns, creative differences and diabolical catering, Iggy stumbles from one calamity to another, including being saddled with an alcoholic camel, living with Elvis-worshipping carnies after a flood, being interrogated by his own producers as well as a rival production's producers, recovering the stolen main generator and finding love in the most unexpected way imaginable.

As Iggy strives to earn his first speaking credit alongside Russell Crowe, a teetering production threatens to implode, robbing him of his childhood dream.