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A Conflict in Ammonia

Ron Ward

A Conflict in Ammonia
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

Setting up the factory at Muddy River Bay was exciting for the project team. But as time passes the excitement fades, and now, some five years later, the factory management team's job has stabilised, days follow days, and weeks and months follow further, production continues successfully, and they are getting bored by their steady, busy, but less demanding, life. Life has become boring, so there's conflict between individuals, despite which they still work together quite well.
At Head Office, the Executive Directors still resent being forced to approve the factory, and continue their disliking the ex-Homeworld migrants, and others, who manage it. They have been directors for so long they are also bored and there's conflict between them, both resulting from their resistant to change. Their position perks compensate for all that, and they allow the company to run on undisturbed. The CEO, their boss, is still trying to make changes.
Both groups, in different ways, have been subconsciously wishing for something new to happen. Something to relieve the boredom. But they should all remember, one must be careful when wishing for something, because sometimes one gets what agrees with the wish but isn't what was really wanted.
What are the chances, with all that going on, that the Chief Executive's objective, developing new managers in that isolated factory, be achieved?




Book Reviews for A Conflict in Ammonia

Ron Ward has skillfully blended suspense
Kate Smith, Queensland, B. Soc. Sci. Dip. Ed. Admin.,