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A Field Battery

David Gibson

A Field Battery
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In late 1969 the 12th Field Regiment was warned to prepare for active service in South Vietnam in 1971-72. 'A' Field Battery replaced 102 Field Battery in the regiment and moved to Townsville in late 1969. For the next twelve months ?A' Battery undertook the task of fully manning the battery and training both regular Army and national servicemen in a variety of artillery roles for active service.
David Gibson, a national serviceman, joined the battery in March 1970 and was told very early on that he "was now in 'A' Battery, we have to better than the rest." He tells the story of life in Townsville and of an artillery gun battery working hard on High Range in Townsville.
The battery moved to South Vietnam in February 1971 and was to be the direct fire support battery for 3RAR who were also on their second tour of duty in Vietnam. David gives a very detailed view of how the battery performed in its shortened tour of South Vietnam from official records and from personal anecdotes. Battery members were involved in the Battle of Long Khanh both with the infantry as a forward observer party and on the gun line providing much needed fire support from Fire Support Base Pamela.
This book tells the story of what the battery did in South Vietnam, the highs and lows, and how those times banded a group of men together, men who are still good mates all these years later.
"You are 'A' Battery - you have to be the best".