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A Gift of Friendship: A Small Brown Bear's Story

Anne Clark

A Gift of Friendship: A Small Brown Bear's Story
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Children's Illustrated Fiction

Join HB on his next real-life adventure, to the top of the world this time.
Out there in a different wilderness I might yet find a small, soft, brown bear, even with a capital B. Is this necessary to explain our importance to humans. Perhaps friendship holds the answer, but what is friendship?'. HB poses lots of questions in his quest to find out what it is to be his sort of small, soft brown bear.
Red is only too happy to be HB's first new friend, and journey with him. Together they try to settle these important matters, and have lots of fun, excitement and awe inspiring moments along the way.

This real-life journey started when a small brown toy bear was taken by the author as a keepsake for a loved one unable to accompanying her on the journey, another soft-toy-human bond in operation again. The collection was expanded over the miles to include soft toys that would be given to grandchildren once home again along with the photos of their adventures in these very far away places. The challenge for the author/photogrqpher was to gain footage of each toy with the real-life animal in the wilderness setting in the one photo frame, without it being blown away or even snavelled by curious wildlife. One day some of these soft toys may accompany their by-then-older owners on similar trips to revisit and see for themselves the beauty and wonder that is to be found in these remote places and the wildlife that lives there. Enjoy the story and images with them all.

These two books are inspired by the wonders of the landscapes and fauna to be found in remote places, especially those at extreme ends of this planet. They are to be enjoyed equally by older humans with a young one beside them, to share in the images and the story of the small soft brown toy bear who is trying so hard during the adventures to discover just who and what he is. A Gift of Love is the first title, A Gift of Friendship the sequel. That the adventures were real and the photography true brings to life very vividly what it is like to be there. They can be dipped into many times over, each time noticing something not seen before. In essence they are travel books for adults with children, and especially those who have, or have had, an affectionate bond with a particular soft toy. And could that not be all of us?

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