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A Life for Tuppence

by Janice Waters

A Life for Tuppence
Galley Release

‘Skeletal remains unearthed at the site for the new therapy wing of Wauchope Hospital…’
A front-page headline for the local paper in an outback-Australian town will prove that some secrets are too large to be taken to the grave.
When Jason Colby, an obsessed and determined journalist stumbles onto the proof his family have been unsuccessful in finding over the past fifty years, he will awaken the dark truth of the Mackenzie/Bening family; but he is unprepared for the consequences.
In search of the story of his life Jason will go back to ‘Bluegums’ and to the Australian way of life in the early 1900’s where he discovers the true life of the beautiful and extraordinary Elizabeth Barton Mackenzie.
He also uncovers the tragedy and triumph of her daughter Isabella who bore the burden of a mother motivated by loyalty, driven by love and tormented by betrayal.
Having unearthed the tragic saga, Jason returns to the city to reveal his proof and confront the descendants of Elizabeth —only to realise that the spirit of Elizabeth and Isabella is very much alive in the bewitching eyes of Alexis and her sister, the defiant and tenacious Nicole Bening.



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