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A Lifetime in Verses 1952-2010

by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis

A Lifetime in Verses 1952-2010
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A Lifetime in Verses is a collection of bi-lingual poems written by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis, over a period of sixty years. Each poem was written either in Greek or English, as a spontaneous response to impressions, emotions or thoughts provoked by a specific experience, and translated, —with some literary platitude — into the other language at a later date. The poems, presented in chronological order, sketch the evolving inner world of the writer, as she travels through life, from self-centeredness and romantic longings to life changing experiences and expanding awareness.

Reading the poems, we become co-travelers to the poetess progressing through the juvenile years, to migration, motherhood, loves, hopes, self-knowledge, uncertainties, challenges, history, religion, society, humanity. In the process we may recognize words we longed to say and memories that have grown dim through the passing years, or forced to become reflective as some of the verses are stimulating, thought-provoking and challenging.





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