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A Love Unforsaken

by Brenda Meister

A Love Unforsaken
Previously Published Book

The antebellum south of 1838 Charleston, South Carolina provides a comfortable existence for many women. Such is the life for beautiful precocious Jenna Leanne Stewart until one spring evening, when her stepbrother approaches her with shocking news. His inheritance from her stepfather is gone and he has sold her beloved home to cover his debts. With nowhere to go, Jenna is stubborn enough to remain at Warren Oaks to serve the new master. From mistress of the manor to servant within, how does this feisty young woman cope with the evasive stranger who comes to claim her home? Is Bryce Landon trying to control her? Are his intentions deceitful and self-serving, or true and admirable? This story will keep you engrossed throughout Jennaís struggle to discover the truth ó and even then youíll be hoping itís not too late!




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