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A Migrant's Hopeful Dawn

by Sotirios Demosthenes Manolopoulos

A Migrant's Hopeful Dawn
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Sotirios 'Sam' Manolopoulos migrated to Australia in 1955 after a childhood in western Greece marred by poverty and war. Though Sam arrived in his adopted nation Australia with little more than the clothes on his back, he began his odyssey possessing something far more valuable. Sam left Greece with unyielding determination and faith, with great hope for his future and with his father's advice in mind: 'The tastiest bread is that which is made from the sweat of honourable toil.' In pursuing his dreams, Sam travelled across Australia, from the often hostile terrain of the Outback to the lonely hills of the Dividing Range, and came to know his new home country intimately. Sam is one of Australia's dedicated but anonymous pioneers. He has helped build Australia, and in doing so has forged the sort of connections that last a lifetime. His story, full of hard‑earned wisdom and laconic humour, mirrors the story of any migrant yet is his own. You will find his tale engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.




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