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A Migrant Experience

Martin Kari

A Migrant Experience
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Migration is a way to self-determine the lives of individuals. The process generally begins with a dislike of individuals to accept certain conditions. It is either the self-determination or the condition itself that drives an individual towards migration; sometimes a spirit of adventure or even an escape from reality also play their role.
Everything in life is delivered to us in parcels; parcels that rarely contain only one option; it depends largely on us as to which option we focus on.
We have a good chance to achieve something, when we can see a light at the end of a tunnel. Usually the one who never moves, has the view that they could lose something in that move, which does not fit the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is the character suitable for migration; he does not face either material or cultural losses, rather, he looks forward to something new in his life, where he plays more of an important and creative role.