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A Pogo's Perspective

Greg Smith

A Pogo's Perspective
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A Pogos Perspective
(A non-combatant soldiers Viet Nam experience:its affects & aftermath)
The title itself requires some explanation. Pogo is an acronym from the British military which means - "Personnel on garrison operations". In other words people like clerks, cooks, medics etc who were not at the front line.
It was a bit of a misnomer in Viet Nam as there was no such thing as a front line.
The book will be of interest to any reader not just veterans. It commences as my experiences being called up for National Service, the rigors of training and discipline then details my tour of duty in Viet Nam. I served in an Armoured Unit - A Sqn 3 Cav Regt.
On completion of my tour if relates my experiences on return to a hostile Australia then the down hill spiral of emotion.
It then explains the affect that service had on wives, partners, family and loved ones. It goes on to list treatments and management skills available to all.
It champions the cause of the Pogo whose efforts have never been recognised or whose role has never been explained in the public forum. In particular it enlightens the guilt that most Pogos felt and indeed still feel, for lost or wounded mates because they were not physically supporting the fighting troops. It also clarifies that Pogos were not excluded from injury. My Orderly Room Sergeant went within a whisker of loosing his life when the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) he was riding on detonated a huge mine.
Of the 50,000 troops that served in Viet Nam approximately 35,000 were Pogos.
Finally it details how all members of the public, but in particular politicians should stand by the troops that they sent to fight the battles that they chose for our Country to become involved in.
The connection in the lead up to Anzac Day is the mateship and camaraderie that was formed by all who served and the link between Viet Nam and current peacekeepers and peacemakers.

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