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A Project in Ammonia

Ron Ward

A Project in Ammonia
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

An adventure in physical, management and social engineering and contradicts turgeon's Law (ninety percent of everything is crud) by what happens when an unlikely group of four people, two Australians, one English and one French-Israeli, fight their way through the bureaucratic maze of their employer, assisted behind the scenes by the Chief Executive, and get what they want: exile to a colony, to build a fertilizer factory there.
All against the preferences of the company's directors who persistently do what they can to upset the exiles' work, including adding an American colonist to the team, a person expected to be incompatible with the others.
Some of their time at work is normal boring crud.
But some is fun, some brings headaches, some is heart-breaking, some is deadly.
It's all adventurous.