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A Tormented Soul

L.K. Clavell

A Tormented Soul
Previously Published Book

This is the true story of Glen Sabre Valance, the last man to be hanged in South Australia in 1964. Dead at age twenty one, this young man was my stepbrother.
The story of his life needs to be told. His sad, abusive upbringing molded him into the angry young man he eventually became.
His story of abandonment and abuse at the hands of our mother and the schools, orphanages and homes he was placed in should not go unheard.
In telling his story, I then also tell mine as we both had the same abusive mother, but due to circumstances, our destinies took two very different directions.
I was too young to be able to help my older stepbrother in 1964, but after all these years my heart goes out to him and every time I read the last comments in the media before he hanged, stating he was a callous killer, my heart goes out to him because I knew the real person he was and what occurred through his life which helped lead to this terrible crime.