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A Wild Ride

David Penrose

A Wild Ride
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Sex, Love, Hate, and Violent Death; on the tropical coast of Australia, where girls are prettier and every summer is long and hot.
David Penrose weaves this exciting tale around a group of kids growing up during the fifties and sixties in the town of Laurel: Saturday night frolics, swimming hole picnics and illicit car races. The leader of the pack is Dick. He is an adventurer: rock climber, motor racer, and world traveller. A farmer, he yearns to become a doctor. Restless, he tries town living where he does a stint as a cab-driver, but then returns to the land.
Depressed by the monotony of farm work, a neighbour suicides. Dick fears for his own future. His best mate Arthur marries. Slowly Dick becomes involved in an eternal triangle. Then tragedy strikes at the beach.
As the teenagers become young adults, various themes arise: sexuality, racism, infidelity and partner abuse. Dick?s career dilemma continues to torment him. Finally he engages in a titanic struggle with a killer bull. If he wins, he will find the courage to make his Decision.