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Abigail and the Terror

Jacqui L. Rennie

Abigail and the Terror
Previously Published Book
Historical Fiction

In the seventeenth century colonial town of Salem, Pastor Parris household grows larger with the coming of his niece, the young Abigail, cousin of his daughter, Betty. The girls are fascinated by the colourful slave Tituba and her story telling; the woman from Barbados has cared for the motherless Betty all of her life.
If Abigail had not come to Salem Village, would the events that later took place have been averted? If Abigail had not been jealous of AnnĀ¦ If Pastor Parris had had any courage at all. If people hadn't been terrified of the accuser. If Tituba had not taken the girls to the forest. If they had all not been so immersed in superstition and religionĀ¦ would it have taken so long to halt such a foul outbreak of sanctified murder?
All the sermons and fasting in Christendom could not have prevented the fear that engulfed Salem. It manifested on three levels: terror of the Devil; terror of witches and their supposed power of direct physical harm, and terror in the hearts of those accused as witches and wizards.
Was Abigail guilty of mass murder? Did Pastor Parris deserve forgiveness? Was Tituba responsible too? What was the real cause of the girl's afflictions?
The Salem witch trials were an extreme event in a devil-ridden era. Abigail and the Terror is a gripping tale of persecution, cleverly woven together by inhabiting the minds of Abigail, Betty, Pastor Parris and Tituba.