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Against The Odds

Sarah Cook

Against The Odds
Previously Published Book
Fact-based Fiction
British & Australian Fiction

Kymberly lost her parents when she was only seventeen, and life took a dramatic turn. Raised by an aunt, she learns to leave the past behind and find a future in which she can take her place. Now twenty-two, she faces a new challenge in her life. Where does she go from here?
Young and untried, Kymberly is offered a job on a remote sheep station, looking after the children of the station owner.
That kind of life is difficult, but harder when not everyone welcomes her arrival.
Is this where she really wants to be? Enduring the dust, the flies and the isolation
Earning acceptance is hard enough, but creating a future to fulfil her needs and the desires of others seems impossible. Added to her own personal challenges, Kymberly knows that finding this kind of future is already against the odds...