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Almagest Vol 1: The Journey

Tegan Norman

Almagest Vol 1: The Journey
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

2210 was to be a year to remember as the Affiliated Space Association (ASA) was experimenting with a new propulsion system. Using antimatter to create gravity waves they were to conduct their first experiment. At 12:35pm EST on December 12, things suddenly went horribly wrong. When a runaway reaction caused a massive implosion so great that material from 300km away was pulled into the reaction. This in turn produced an immense gravity wave strong enough to nudge Earth into a higher orbit around the sun, thus plunging it into another ice age. And now, because of the mistakes made all those years ago, one could call Humankind an endangered species…
The Year is 2274 and spirited delivery girl Keejana Brooks and her partner Liam Harvey have had it tough. They run a slowly failing supply, delivery trade to a planet that is quite literally breaking apart… Earth. Time is running short and all hope seems to be fading quickly. But just when the Human Race finds itself on its last leg, events suddenly take an unexpected turn when a strange Alien race presents them an offer they simply cannot refuse...And so the journey begins…. For more on the author and her future releases go to



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