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Almagest Vol 2: The Reunion

Tegan Norman

Almagest Vol 2: The Reunion
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

When I signed up for this mission, I knew the risks involved. But it was alright, because we had the IPC to cover us, right?
They betrayed us.
They betrayed Keejana by handing her over to those pirates. Now she is gone and there is only me.
My name is Liam, and this is my story…
The Queen of the Dejawn has been taken by pirates and the IPC is accusing Keejana of treason. Whispers of conflict fill the air.
Liam has been left alone to captain the Ark. He knows his best friend would never betray them, not matter how high the stakes get. And he will stop at nothing to make sure he gets her back.
But will it be worth aborting the mission and sending the Ark back to Earth, when they are so close to reaching their new home?

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