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And So To Court

Jeanine D Lloyd

And So To Court
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Family law barrister Nic Yanopoulous wakes up one morning with foreboding. Normally it is only his zany sense of humour and philandering that relieves his boredom. But this morning his wife, Elizabeth, seduces him with bedroom antics unusual for her and he remembers a dream in which he sees blood flowing down the broad staircase entry to the law court building from screaming emasculated victims.
Elizabeth is a university lecturer, an anthropologist and advocate in an Aboriginal Lands Rights case. A student and one of her husband's colleagues want to have an affair with her.
But does she want either of them? Tension builds as the personal lives of Nic and Elizabeth reach crisis point and the court becomes a bomb target. Apparently disparate events lead inexorably to a frightful outcome, which in a sense is only a beginning...
And So To Court is rich with memorable characters evoking the theatricality and absurdity of the courtroom. Its satire pricks the pomposity of judges and exposes the tawdriness of divorce proceedings. Inner conflicts add poignancy.
Cleverly plotted intrigue adds mystery. This is reading entertainment at its best.