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Antarctica to Footscray Arch Hoadley A Man of Inspiration and Courage

Jack A. Hoadley

Antarctica to Footscray Arch Hoadley A Man of Inspiration and Courage
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This fascinating biography of an inspiring and inspired Australian has been researched by his son Jack Hoadley, who was seeking the father that he lost when only thirteen years of age. He unfolds the story of a man of enormous fortitude, energy, compassion and wisdom who changed the lives of countless people with his commitment to education, scouting and community.

When Arch Hoadley, already an Antarctic explorer with Mawson, accepted the position of foundation principal of the Footscray Technical School in 1916, he began a lifelong commitment as a citizen of Footscray, providing inspirational and courageous leadership in several spheres of influence over the next three decades.

The formative influences of family, church, school and university shaped Arch in his early years. His exciting and challenging time as an explorer geologist in Douglas Mawson's 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition reveals a courageous and tenacious man.

The years between 1916 and 1947 detail the evolution both of Footscray Technical School and the Boy Scouts Association in the context of the changing socio-economic conditions of the period. He articulated and fought for a broad Liberal-Humanist philosophy for Technical Education.

Arch Hoadley was drawn to Lord Baden Powell's vision for the Scouting Movement. As Scoutmaster, Commissioner for Training and Chief Commissioner, he set about implementing a vision for the whole person that was practical and appealed to boys and young men and eventually girls and young women.

Thirty years after his early death at sixty years of age the Rotarians of Footscray erected a bas-relief of Arch Hoadley with the epitaph "He Lived to Serve", recognising his active participation and leadership in organisations that enriched the life of Footscray.




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