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Ardent Heart

Roman Semcesen

Ardent Heart
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Life in Plymouth, England is a simple one where time goes by with the townsfolk crossing paths with each other. Anna seems to have the perfect life, she is well known in the community as her husband, Peter, is the town's ferry master. She goes about her days looking after their son Adrian, who dreams about advancing his studies.
While visiting their tenants, the Prescott family, Anna meets their son Sam who has come home for the holidays from his University studies.
Anna starts to become infatuated with Sam and makes every attempt to see him. She starts thinking about a life with Sam.
Unbeknown to Anna, Peter invites Sam to a family dinner where his sister, Elena, also attends. Peter's main aim is to match-make the two together as he knows Elena deserves a man like Sam.
Seeing Sam and Elena together sparks off Anna's jealousy, this sets off a series of events that will change everyone's life forever.