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Arrest the Silent Killer

Marion Seferth

Arrest the Silent Killer
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Arrest the Silent Killer is the author's personal account of her courageous battle with ovarian cancer, from the frustrating search to final diagnosis in 1997, then up to the present day. It is a remarkable story of one woman's fight against a disease, known as the silent killer, she refused to give in to.
We meet her family and share her ups and downs of everyday family life, and share the delight she feels in her beloved grandchildren as she makes her physical, emotional and spiritual journey to healing. We laugh with her and cry with her, but above all we share hope with her.
This book is a light in the darkness as it gives hope and sustenance to thousands of other women who have been diagnosed with cancer.
The author's main aim is to bring awareness of ovarian cancer into the public arena, and provide accurate medical information in layman's terms, not easily accessible to the general public, enabling women to pursue early diagnosis and possible cure.
The Appendices include information on the nature of ovarian cancer, treatment options, how chemotherapy works, making palliative care user-friendly, and pain control.
Hope is the message, and love is the reason.