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Australia Milestones Magic Mayhem

by Donna Gordon

Australia Milestones Magic Mayhem
Galley Release

On 25 January 2006, Prime Minister John Howard, at his Australia Day Eve address to the National Press Club, called for a new approach to the teaching of history in schools.
Australia ~ milestones, magic, mayhem teaches all ages about people, places and events that have occurred in Australia ’s short history. You will learn names, dates and how the event took place, all while being entertained through the use of rhyme.
Just by reading one poem, you will have learned about an entire event.
By utilising rhyme, the reader will learn about Australia ’s rich history across a fruit salad of topics including historians, business, art, sport, politics and many others. The beauty of rhyming poetry is that you tend to read it to the end to keep the rhythm flowing and the poem rhyming. Once you’ve completed the poem, you have become familiar with another piece of Australiana!





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