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Becoming Carla

by Chris Edmonds

Becoming Carla
Galley Release

Carla is a young woman whose husband has left her for another woman. The story highlights Carla's battle with depression, loneliness and low self-esteem and prompts her to question a perceived life with little meaning. Her journey is nurtured through the Guru-Disciple (Teacher-Student) relationship she builds with her Yoga teacher, Mukti Bodhi.
In an effort to deal with her seemingly insurmountable problems, Carla, albeit somewhat reluctantly, agrees to accompany her yoga instructor, Mukti to an ?Ashram?, whereupon she is confronted by her own spirituality, thoughts and feelings, in addition to those of others.
During her two week retreat in country Victoria, Carla walks a path of austerity, friendship and eventually, insight, all in her own inimitable style. Although her problems still existed, Carla emerged from the Ashram armed with a measure of understanding, a new sense of purpose and hope for the future.




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