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Benito's Bangle

Alan Duncan

Benito's Bangle
Previously Published Book
Fact-based Fiction

Men commit terrible crimes in war. When four Allied soldiers, drawn together in conflict against German General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps, are captured in the Western Desert during World War II, their experience changes them forever.

Attempting to escape, they witness a massacre at an oasis in the Libyan Desert and this incident continues to reverberate through their lives. Their intertwined stories are of capture, escape, recapture and endurance in POW camps in Libya, Italy and Germany until their release by American forces in 1945. Years after the war, a dramatic confrontation at the oasis brings their shared experience to a shocking conclusion.

Benito's Bangle spans two decades and three continents and is a story of survival, adventure and the unbreakable bond formed between men under the adversity of war.