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Berggeist Letters Volume II

Jeff Lynch

Berggeist Letters Volume II
Galley Release

In the early European spring of 2010, the author travelled to Vienna on a shiny new Qatar jet. He had been reading Herman Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf before he left. He had also delved into Ludwig Beethoven’s artistic times and struggles in Vienna and both of these matters influenced his Berggeist Letters Vol Two.
In Vienna he takes up an apartment and continues his letters to his grandson Angus, but they are meant to be read by an adult and not by a child.
As is his wont, he visits art galleries and exhibitions and discovers a young lady in a travel agency who will help him plan his rural visits in Austria and Germany.
After visiting several mountain towns in Austria and parts of the Wachau Region along the Danube, he travels to Graz in the south and through the Tyrol by train to Innsbruck. He is aiming at first for a small town in Germany called Memmigen. Here he hopes to find information concerning an artist called Josef Madlener.
Josef has been responsible for several startling images of Berggeists. He then visits Augsburg, and then the busy Danube tourist cities of Regensburg, Straubing, Passau, and then finally Salzburg.
He writes of the life and times of the immortal Hucklebury Finn, the ice caves outside of Salzburg, not to mention the Berggeist who seems to have been prepared to hike many mountain miles to see him at an inn in Salzburg. And Mozart is once again much on Jeff Lynch’s mind by this time.
The Berggeist suggests that he continues on towards Frieburg to the north but warns him that he should think about returning to Vienna. It seems that a woman is waiting for him in that city. And so it proves to be when he comes to the Hotel Odeon. He writes of art, old age, history, music and of philosophy and terror. He walks the Danube awhile and the love of all things mountainous and Germanic are all in this very poetic book of letters written to his grandson Angus.