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Billy Two

by Gary Boyd

Billy Two
Featured Release
Australian Fiction

The Australian outback is a vast emptiness most people never get the chance to visit. Many that do are overcome by the isolation, the incredible distances and for the most part its deafening silence. However, those lucky ones who live there love the place. In Billy Two Liza Jerome leaves the hustle and bustle of Adelaide in the 1950s to join her newly wed husband James on his remote property Kilcare, close to the small township of Oodnadatta in South Australia. Initially horrified by the apparent isolation of the place, Liza is welcomed with open arms by the townsfolk. Once at Kilcare, James turns out to be a very different man to the one she married. Liza seeks solace and friendship in the staff of Kilcare, particularly the enigmatic part-Aboriginal stockman, Billy Two Rivers. The story revolves around a police investigation conducted in and around the hot and unforgiving Simpson Desert. Here the incredible tracking skills of the stockman are called on by the investigating detectives who have more on their minds than just finding two bank robbers and murderers. Heat, dust and flies are all part of the chase through the desert, culminating in a suspenseful search for the stolen cash … hidden somewhere in that timeless desert.





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