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Black Mischief

Carl Hancock

Black Mischief
Previously Published Book

Big boss, Abel Rubai, has made himself very wealthy by honest dealing in the international money markets, but he is a man much feared in the country. Upset him and your life could be in danger. He expects to get away with every outrage he sets in motion.
When tragedy strikes his family, he is shocked. This is not the way things are meant to be for the Rubais. Someone will have to pay a big price to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. He focuses his attention on the McCalls of Londiani. It is they, he claims, who have robbed him of his son. This focus does not distract him from an unfinished piece of savagery. In his usual ruthless way he has been engineering the brutal murder of a fine, much-loved doctor. Without even realising it, he has gone too far, perhaps this time sowing the seeds of his own ruin.
Using Londiani as a base, a few friends and neighbours, members of a newly formed political party, realise that they must take on the Rubai machine. They are anxious, aware that the odds are heavily against them. Only in desperation would they risk their lives in the attempt to bring the big man down. Rubai rages on and decides to try a new, more deadly ploy. He hires from overseas an expert who specialises in making opponents disappear permanently. This man always achieves results and his rates are expensive, but no price could be too high if it means that once and for all Abel Rubai can be free of his tormentors. The young American gets down to business at once, confident of success.