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Blokes & Dunnies

Jeff Self

Blokes & Dunnies
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On his regular travels across and around Australia a retired psychiatrist notes the mental processes and attitudes of his fellow males while using public toilets.

He takes the reader on a psychologically based journey encompassing such diverse topics as graffiti, the politics of the male urinal and the attitudes of the Australian bloke to sexual relationships and other men. No topic is sacred: all varieties of male, including toddlers and teenagers, contamination phobics and gays receive his acute attention. He debates whether to stand or sit and analyses the conventions behind the simple act of having a pee.

This delicate yet commonplace issue is richly illustrated by the author's own pictures as he accompanies the Australian bloke on a trip to the dunny and reveals the complexities and distortions behind such a basic necessity. The dunny and the minds of men using it might never be the same.