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Boobi - The Independent Cat

Alex Krestovsky

Boobi - The Independent Cat
Previously Published Book

Thrill to the exciting adventures of Boobi a very independent young female cat who stands up for her rights. She lives in a house with George the dog, Fluffy the kitten and Babushka the wise old cat with a dark secret. Together they confront rival dogs, burglars and other obstacles. At the same time they learn about the value of teamwork and friendship.
Young children will find the book a fascinating tale about the lives of domestic animals as they read about Georges escapades, BoobiĆ­s attempts to guard the house, and the big robbery.
Older children will gain understanding of the underlying issues like prejudice, discrimination, equal opportunity, self-sacrifice, rights and responsibilities.
Teachers could use this book to explain these important social issues to children and to trigger discussions on them in class.
While written for children, the book will appeal to animal lovers of all ages and will endear them further to the domestic animals they love.