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Boss Takes All

by Carl Hancock

Boss Takes All
Previously Published Book

Rebecca Kamau has married her Tom. Her golden voice has brought her wealth and fame and she has become the most loved woman in the country. Abel Rubai has at last realised that she is his true nemesis. His calm exterior hides the poisonous anger that seethes deep within him. He is driving himself to the edge of madness. His every attempt to deal with this scourge and her supporters has ended in humiliating frustration. The tall tree is rotting from within. And now this woman has ideas of interfering in the running of the country with her amateur effort to set up a hospital for the people of her town. He will see to it that she does not succeed. He is beginning to make errors of judgement and the violent destruction of the beginnings of the hospital build only makes him new enemies and stiffens the resolve of his opposition.
The small group that is the core of this opposition settles on a bold and dangerous plan. Fully aware that Mister Big is still just that to the masses who do not know the truth about their leader, the plotters understand that even a small miscalculation will be fatal. They experience the thrill of taking a huge risk for the highest of stakes. As dusk turns to night, two police cars filled with unusual passengers set off from Londiani en route for the Karen district of Nairobi. The decisive confrontation is about to begin.





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