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by Gail Jensz

Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Two years ago, Jessie Wyre died, but to Meredith Reed it feels like only yesterday. 'I remember Jessie holding me close to him on those days we sought refuge in his bedroom together,' she recalls sadly when having reluctantly, nervously, stepped back in to the powerful world of Race Wyre, the father of Jessie and his two brothers Johnnie and Jack. It appears little has changed. The family tragedies and misunderstandings, the hatred Meredith remembers and that had so often surfaced violently in the Wyre household, threaten now to spoil the impending marriage of Race Wyre to a close friend of her late mother. Meredith struggles to come to terms with her own memories too. She still sees herself as a victim, as much a victim as she believed Jessie and then Johnnie, to be.
But not all is what it seems...





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