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Bus Stop on a Strange Loop

by Shaune Lafferty Webb

Bus Stop on a Strange Loop
Galley Release

Brothers, Nicky and Ethan Geyer, live in an over-populated, resource-depleted world where power is in the hands of the corrupt and a systematic programme of genocide has claimed the lives of their family. With escape their only chance for survival, it falls upon Ethan and his unusual talent to bring them to safety.
After a series of break-ins at their neighbour’s house, the brothers befriend Olivia Goddard, a lonely and disenchanted schoolteacher. But things aren’t as they seem and when Olivia discovers a cache of forgotten diaries, she begins to unravel a puzzling story that will both taint her relationship with the brothers and challenge her perception of reality.
As Olivia and the brothers are about to discover, sometimes individual paths intersect more than once, and at the most unexpected times and places.





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