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Butterflies in Sandstorms

by Steve Backarich

Butterflies in Sandstorms
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

A marriage with little or no chance of success — where boredom, disappointment and depression lead to suicidal contentions by both. The throw of the dice not only involves becoming social outcasts or 'butterflies in sandstorms' in the isolated mining city of Broken Hill, but the arrival of a baby boy further complicates the relationship. The story explores the Australian opal, jewellery and financial industry as it weaves through a plot where racism prevails when the two entirely different cultures clash. Set during World War II, the story explores the struggle for survival. But with a sense of rare courage and part-fate in the abrasive cave-day existence of the outback opal fields of NSW, South Australia and Queensland, the couple journey to retain Australian credibility when they find out that there are others who had experienced worse than themselves.


13: 9781925230130


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