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Catch a Falling Star

by Peter Haywood

Catch a Falling Star
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

When asked what it is about fame and celebrity that draws people so desperately to it, the record producer and songwriter Kim Fowley replied, 'Inadequacy … it's over-compensation for a crummy life, and you decide to have a fantasy life' So it is for Nicky Nova, a Bowie-obsessed young man growing up in Melbourne in the early 1980s. Nicky moves into a big, ramshackle share house in Lygon Street, Carlton, with a bunch of musician friends. He forms a band and dreams of becoming a world famous rock'n'roll star. But is the band as hell-bent on fame and fortune as their singer?
Loaded with pop culture references, Catch a Falling Star is part cautionary tale, part travelogue of a recent bygone era of skinny ties, leg-warmers and big hair. This is a post-punk story about friendship and betrayal, the impossible dreams of youth, and the compromises we must make in order to survive. If you've ever put together a garage band and dreamed of bigger things; if you've lived through the bohemian grunge and fractious ego mix of the inner-suburban share house experience; if you have fond memories of the heady excesses of the 80s, you will love Catch a Falling Star.





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