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Chasing Margaret

Simon Klapish

Chasing Margaret
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With a dream that goes beyond her number one position in the International Tennis world, Amelia Chloe Emmansard has $80 million and a determination beyond her 19 years to make that dream become a reality.
However, her introduction to Third World politics, corruption and greed, will compel her to make choices.
Should she continue as the darling of the Australian tennis circuit and develop the fledgling relationship she has held at a distance?
Or follow the vision of a better world she feels her position of power can achieve?
As she pursues the struggle, Amelia realizes that something must be sacrificed.
But which will it be?

With earnings in excess of $80 million, attractive, ambitious and with a determination belying her 19 years, Amelia has a dream beyond being the darling of the Australian tennis circuit.
She wants to use her wealth to make changes to the lives of those less fortunate than herself. However, her introduction to Third World politics, corruption and greed will test her compulsion to realize her dream.
Will her struggle destroy the long distance fledgling relationship she so desires?
If she loses her top position in the high profile tennis world, will she lose the money she needs to pursue her vision?
Amelia has to face the fact that a dreamóher visionóis much tougher to realize than she anticipated and that she will have to make sacrifices.
But what will they be?