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Child of the Universe

Robyn Robins

Child of the Universe
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Child of the Universe dares you to walk a mile in the shoes of those who care for a family member experiencing addiction and mental health issues. Every so often comes a book you will be afraid to pick up and cannot put down. Child of the Universe will offer you that challenge. Where is the little girl who brought love and joy to a family? Where is the lovely child who sang and danced in the sunlight? When did the change happen? The soul cries and a family mourn in this true story as they desperately search for Kali and pray for answers.
A family's growth and survival through this pathway of heartache can only make you peer into the shadows as you hear the whisperings in your heart, 'This could be me.' It is the author's hope that in some small measure it may assist those who hold the hand of the mentally ill and walk beside those experiencing addiction. Child of the Universe is a story of love, faith and courage that will touch your heart.




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