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Choice and Fate

by Richard de Nardi

Choice and Fate
Galley Release

Regis paused at the crest of the ridge that protected the small valley and the buildings within from everything but the harshest storms ' he continued warily, using the few trees and rocks that were exposed in the dry powdery snow to conceal his approach. Aela lay face up. A horrific facial expression suggested that hers had been a long, painful death. He forced his eyes to quickly traverse the other bodies that had all in some way been abused, beaten or partially devoured. Regis bent over as his stomach heaved without warning. The attack on Regis village is part of a much wider campaign of destruction and enslavement, thereby prompting him to leave Hahn for the village of Tarac; his place of birth. Unable to locate his parents, Regis is propelled through a maelstrom of emotions and events that eventually see him knighted and galloping off on a quest for the Aqua Prism. Blissfully unaware of ethereal interest in his actions, Regis must deal with some fiendish foes, including the most difficult Lady Shardena.




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